Creating A Daily Diary Post

Creating A Daily Diary Post

We’ve already talked about exercising your brain / writing muscle by posting regular.

One method you could use to accomplish this is to do a daily update post, a daily diary post for your day.

The update post

This is something I have tried, something I am currently continuing as its a post that is easy to write. You’re just writing about all your experiences from the day.

If you were thinking of doing this also, thinking it’s a great way to update and create posts, then there is one thing to keep in mind.

Ensure you have variety in your day. Writing a daily post has to have variety in it, otherwise readers will get bored reading the same thing every day.

I have to say, from my experience, that variety in a daily post is difficult. Many of us follow the same routine every day – though you will know if you daily post is starting to stagnate as you will notice viewers of you posts disappear.

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